In this section you will find answers to the most common questions about the e-Learning programme and the use of this platform:

e-Learning is the capacity-building programme of the WTO Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation. Taking full advantage of the latest web-based technology, the e-Learning platform provides distance-learning learning programmes with certification to officials from developing countries, who are WTO Members or Observers. Access to the training material is also granted to the public in general. e-Learning offers introductory courses on the WTO, as well as advanced courses on specific WTO issues and agreements. You may find updated information on e-Learning products, following the link to What we do.

The courses with certification are open to officials designated by developing countries, which have Member or Observer status in the WTO. Self-training courses without certification are also available to the general public.
To get access to the course you need to register. To register, please go back to Catalogue where the list of courses open for registration is displayed. Please refer to our question on how to register to get more details on the registration procedure. A login and password grant personal access to the e-Learning Platform and all course material. If you have any problem, please contact us at elearning@wto.org.

The registration procedure includes TWO elements:

  1. Online registration: candidates have to register online. The registration is done right here. Please fill the registration form and do not forget to click on SUBMIT when you are ready to send it.
  2. Course enrolment: all registered candidates can apply to any e-Learning course in the Course catalogue.

Government officials from developing Members and Observers should be nominated by their government authorities. Please complete your registration by filling the Nomination Form available in the Dashboard upon log in. The Selection Committee will review applications from candidates, who have completed their registration (online registration and nomination form). The Nomination form unlocks access to the Final tests, certifications, live events, support, and communities.

How to submit the Nomination form?

The registration form is available on the Course catalogue or the Log in page (green button Register). Please select a course, fill the registration form, and do not forget to click on SUBMIT when you are ready to send it.
Our free courses are run in parallel all the year around. The online registration is opened 24h/7d. Please visit our Courses section to get more information about our course offer.
You can generate a new password by clicking on "Reset your password" on the login page. Enter your email and click "Search". A new password will be generated for you and sent to the email address you provided during the registration process. To reset your email or password, click on Your Profile on the top menu of this page upon log in. Enter your email or new password and click "Update your profile".
No, e-Learning courses are available all year round 24/7. However, 9-12 weeks are required to complete the courses starting from the date of enrolment. You will receive a notification on enrolment expiration 2 weeks before the deadline.
If you are enrolled in the wrong course, or in the right course but in the wrong language, go to the course > Select cog wheel -menu (upper right corner) > Select Unenrol me from.... You can also send an email to elearning@wto.org.
The WTO responds to specific national and regional needs in line with its Progressive Learning Strategy which provides graduated levels of training to course participants. The WTO Secretariat has identified two broad training paths. Each training path consists of a sequence of three training levels.
  1. The “Generalists Pathway” targets those who will need a broad knowledge of the WTO to conduct their work.
  2. The “Specialists Pathway” targets those who will require in-depth knowledge in a specific area.

Please visit our Courses catalogue to get more information about our course offer.

  • Course completion: a course is marked as completed after the submission of the course's evaluation form.
  • Course grades: course grades are saved in your Dashboard. You can access your grades by clicking View/Edit your Profile-->Report--> Grades Overview. If one of your course grades is not displayed, please contact us at elearning@wto.org.
  • Certificates: course certificates are saved in your Dashboard. You can view and download your course certificate by clicking View/Edit your Profile-->Miscellaneous-->My Certificates. Please note that your dashboard only contains certificates of courses completed on this WTO e-Learning platform. Copies of older certificates (prior to 12 December 2022) can be obtained by sending a request to elearning@wto.org.
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