What we do

WTO e-Learning courses are primarily addressed to trade practitioners. Their focus is on the effective transfer of applied knowledge, skills, and competencies through a diverse toolkit of training products and methodologies. These includes: online learning, blended learning, self-training courses, online webinars, and mobile learning.

Embark on a flexible learning journey with our online courses
The WTO e-Learning programme offers multilingual self-paced elearning courses, accessible free of charge online and in downloadable format. The courses allow you to learn about a trade-related subject based on your individual needs and interests, and the format allows you to study at your own pace, anywhere and at any time. Our design approach is learner-centred, collaborative, multiplatform and multilingual. Each course has a clear purpose and realistic objectives that are measured knowledge checks and a final evaluation.

Mix virtual and face-to-face elements in our blended learning programmes
e-Learning is the entry point to the WTO's Progressive Learning Strategy, which is based on a blended learning approach. Successful completion of basic and intermediate level e-Learning courses is a pre-requisite for participation in advanced level courses, which are held face-to-face or online. Participants in WTO's face-to-face and virtual training courses have access to virtual classrooms set up for this purpose on the e-Learning platform. These virtual classrooms support participants in their learning journey and provide access to all course materials and tests 24/7, on any device.

Explore our self-training materials
Our e-Learning courses are also available to persons who are non-beneficiaries of WTO training and technical assistance. These people may access our courses on a self-training basis. They do not have access to exams and WTO certificates.

Bring your study to life by attending webinars
Registered participants can attend fortnightly webinars on topical e-Learning and WTO issues. These seminars provide an opportunity to complement self-study with live discussions with peers and other WTO/trade experts, and to apply the acquired knowledge in a practical learning environment.

Learn whenever and wherever with our new mobile application
You can now download the WTO e-Learning application here, and all courses are fully compatible with smartphones and tablets. The application allows you to download all courses, to read the training material offline. This brings more flexibility to your learning journey and enables learning on the go.

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