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The WTO e-Learning programme is a dedicated online portal offering training courses on the WTO Agreements and matters related to international trade. Our principal mission is to help developing countries who are Members and Observers of the WTO build their trade-related capacity to participate more effectively in global trade.

While our courses are primarily geared towards government officials from developing countries, least-developed countries, and countries in the process of joining the WTO, they are also available on a self-study basis to anyone interested in learning about the WTO and what it stands for.

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WTO e-Learning courses are primarily addressed to trade practitioners. Their focus is on the effective transfer of applied knowledge, skills, and competencies through a diverse toolkit of training products and methodologies.

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Introduction to the WTO

Want to understand what the WTO is and what it does? This beginner level course gives you an overview of the organization and prepares you for intermediate level courses.

The Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm (BRS) Conventions and the WTO

What are the BRS Conventions and what do they cover? What is the relationship between the WTO and Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs)? In which ways do the BRS Conventions and the WTO cooperate with each other? How do the BRS Conventions and the WTO support efforts to address plastic pollution and e-waste? Find out in the course, "The BRS Conventions and the WTO: enhancing international cooperation for sustainable development".

SPS course series 1 - Overview of the SPS Agreement and Committee (English only)

What do WTO rules say about trade measures to guarantee food safety? Or to protect animals and plants? Find out in this intermediate level course on the WTO Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Measures!

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You can now download the WTO e-Learning app. The application allows you to download all courses, to read the training material offline. This brings more flexibility to your learning journey and enables learning on the go.